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Simple Tips For Hosting A Giveaway To Increase Online Business Exposure

If a company wants to increase its sales, generate more interest and garner more clientele, a promotional giveaway is one option that has the potential to accomplish all of these goals. With so much competition in any given market a company has to have an edge over its competitors. It has to be able to reach out to its  customers in a new and exciting way to increase exposure. Hosting a giveaway for loyal customers, referral prize incentives, special events giveaway, promotional gifts and closing gifts are a few ways in which to reach out to potential and existing clientele.
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It's a giveaway !!!

Ways to Implement the Giveaway

Millions of blogs are out there, so it's important that you set your blog apart by appealing to large audiences. You can offer guests free prizes based on reading the blog and making a comment on it. You can also ask the site guests to check back on a certain day of each week for information about the latest giveaway. You can also give away a medium or large prize once a month, based on a simple entry form that visitors to the blog complete.

  • Small Prize Ideas

Small prizes with your company logo are great giveaways because they remind customers of your company while they use them. Some options for small prizes include mints, notepads, pens, totes, cups, backpacks and hats. Other options include water bottles, note journals, bookmarks, calendars or samples of products. Many of these items are small and cheap to send to blog visitors. You can also incorporate electronic giveaways, such as free graphics, online gift certificates or a free membership to a web group. If you are hosting an expo for your blog, this is an excellent opportunity to present your items as well as gain exposure.

  • Medium Prize Ideas

Some medium prize ideas include items like dvd players, cd players, mp3 players, a small flat screen television, an ice chest, tackle box, tools, artist paint set and makeup kit. These items may be customized to fit the purpose behind your blog. For example, if you write a parenting blog, a basket of diapers, bottles and bibs may be ideal. A music blog is perfectly accompanied by a cd player or mp3 player giveaway.

  • Large Prize Ideas

Larger prizes can really generate attention from potential customers. Some options for these larger prizes include airfare, hotel stays, car rental, entertainment package, jet skis or a total vacation package. A free car is a compelling way to drive exposure to your business. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, plumbers and cell phone representatives all have different services, so a giveaway can be customized for that business or company. Keep the costs down by having these large prize giveaways less frequently.

Ways to Advertise the Giveaway

Since you are already available on the internet, use it to your advantage. Make postings on your social media accounts about the upcoming giveaway. Ask friends with websites to link to your blog, and for that you can use your Facebook brand  page, Google+ circles , Twitter or Pinterest.

Considerations before Hosting Giveaway

A contest giveaway can be costly, so a company should look into options available to help with the cost. The affiliate program would be one way in which to help keep costs down. The company will pay the affiliate for a portion of the increased revenue that was realized due to increased readership.

A company may want to do research before embarking on the giveaway contest. When looking into hosting a giveaway promotion, the first step should be about knowing the customer. The company should know about its customers' spending habits, their disposable earnings, their priorities and the manners in which the company can fulfill these needs. The company can personalize the giveaway by selecting prizes that they know will really appeal to the customer base that they are targeting. The key is to have a win-win situation in which the potential customer is satisfied with the prize that he or she receives while the company benefits from the increased exposure.

The potential for exposure with a giveaway can generate many new customers. The cost can be small or large depending on the options that the company chooses. The expenses can be shared through affiliates or through advertisers. Whether your blog is popular on the community level or on a national level, everyone loves free stuff.

About Author : Sanu Francis Dutta is an entrepreneur and investor. He enjoys helping others succeed in their businesses by sharing valuable tips with them. Find him on Google+ and Twitter to receive instant updates.

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